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Take Me Out contestant reveals real reason why she went on the showOK, so it’s a dating show. But there wasn’t even 1% of me that wanted a boyfriend from going on Take Me Out. I’d been in a horrible relationship that I’d got o

ut of the year before and had decided to be a career woman. I was happy to be single, but I’d have Take Me Out on in the background while I was setting up my business – I’m a one-woman operation, designing and manufacturing latex lingerie and dresses. I was trying to work out how to market my outfits and couldn’t think how to get in the media. The show was advertising for contestants and I thought, ‘I’m going to get on that show and wear all my latex.’ It was a long process – it took a year and a half from when I applied to getting on the show. They called me about 30 times to ask questions and I went for an audition in Manchester. There were hundreds of girls in the running and I was in a group with eight others. They filmed a f

ake Take Me Out and I think my enthusiasm did it, I’m a bit batsh*t crazy when I get excited and I was like, ‘GET ME ON THE SHOW!’ The more entertaining I was, the more air time I’d get to show off as many outfits on TV as possible. I never told anyone I’d applied, but I was going to disappear from the world for two weeks, so I had to tell my sister, mum and dad and they were like, ‘What are you doing?’ My dad was so ashamed. All of the contestants live in the same hotel for two weeks to film a whole series. You share a room with a different girl every night. The girl I shared with the first night was a mathematician and I was so relieved I’d met someone intelligent. The rest of the girls, I couldn’t care less. I wasn’t there to make friends. A lot of them were there to find someone, so if I’d said, ‘I’m here to promote my business,’ that wouldn’t have gone down well. I’m not great with group dynamics and I wanted to save my energy for the camera, not for running around backstage trying to out-loud other loud people. There’s so much drama and I clashed with a lot of girls – if someone is going to say something confrontational, I’ll tell them they shouldn’t be saying that. My game plan was to stay on the show as long as possible, but in the end it was short and sweet. Riccardo, 25, was on the second show. I don’t have a type, I like to get to know someone, but he seemed like a stereotypical lad whereas I like watching documentaries, not going out drinking. I go for clever people because I like to learn. The couple have been together over a year now (Image: ITV) Helen wore her outfits on the show (Image: ITV) Read MoreRelated ArticlesTake Me Out couple Adam and Beckie Ryan are pregnant He kept looking at me in full latex, so I thought he was probably thinking, ‘That girl is too much.’ He asked what we liked about his look and I sa山西体彩网11选5遗漏 id, ‘I like your back. I’m a back person. You look like a pizza slice – you have a skinny waist and big shoulders.’ I like to say ridiculous things. But I’m very much a family girl and he seemed respectful and mature. He’s from a big Italian family and my family is big and crazy too, and I found him hilarious. His final round went wrong when he balanced a pint on his head and spilt it down his back. I trip over my own feet, so I thought that was endearing, and I was laughing so much I didn’t realise I’d left my light on. Then he picked me. I was in such a flustered panic, I was trembling, thinking, ‘This was not the plan, what have I done?’ But it turned out I was his ‘love at first light’, where he’d decided he wanted to pick me on first sight, so I thought, ‘Let’s give this a shot,’ as he was obviously interested in me. Helen was shocked when Riccardo picked her (Image: ITV) It was instant attraction. We ended up sitting in the hotel reception for five hours after filming finished just chatting, not realising how much time was passing by. We flew off to Fernando’s for the date and I was nervous – I wanted to throw myself into a crazy activity, but I had to do a sit-down breakfast, I’ve never done that on a date. But his love of food won me over, because I normally eat more than the guy, I thought, ‘It’s totally fine, I’m going to eat 10 meals.’ We overstepped boundaries a lot with the crew – they wanted to keep us separate in between filming, but we’d sneak off and chat. I made the mistake of saying ‘I usually go for intelligent people’ on camera. He proved me wrong, he’s a lot smarter than I thought, he was just playing up his laddishness. After breakfast we did Tai Chi. I was mortified – I kept calling it ‘Tai Shi’ and no one corrected me, so that made me look like an idiot – so much for my ‘I go for intelligent guys’. Riccardo got cramp and was awful, he had no balance and kept falling over, so I loved that I was better at it than him… If he’d been better at it I wouldn’t have been able to like him. Riccardo in Fernandos (Image: ITV) Read MoreRelated ArticlesNo wonder Paddy is so happy: Paddy McGuinness wife Christine posts VERY risqu snap onl

y wearing a tiny tank and thong We went home – me to Liverpool, Riccardo to Wales – and he came to visit me five days later. He met my family straight away. My dad doesn’t say much and was sceptical that I met him on a dating show, but warmed to him really quickly. He ended up staying for four days. It’s been just over a year now, although it took four months to confirm we were a couple – we were watching The 40-Year-Old Virgin and I said, ‘Ah, they’re **** buddies, that’s me and you,’ and he said, ‘That’s not me and you, you’re my girlfriend.’ He’s never romantic, but he always brings food, the way to my heart. We get recognised when we’re in restaurants, which is weird, we always see people pointing. It’s a long-distance relationship and it’s difficult. The longest I’ve gone without seeing him is eight weeks. We decided to spend this year focusing on work and will figure out living together in the new year. Going on the show didn’t help with the business after all – I got a lot of comments online that I couldn’t repeat about my lingerie fro

m it, but not sales. But I got Riccardo. We’re an unlikely couple – I never set foot in the gym and that’s all he does – but it works. He’s not a person I would’ve met in my normal life. You know what they say, these things happen when you’re not looking for them… Read MoreNotebook magazine real lifeMy husband was a paedophileDirty Dancing wedding Sterilised at 25Art from dead peopleHow I cured my depression without drugsShe became a nun after hostage situationI couldve been killed by Trump securityThreatened with death for a sexy video Other TV dating success stories Take Me Out Take me Out couple Gemma and Gavin (Image: TMO) Dave Cobain and Adele Vellacott – an unlikely couple after Dave climbed up those infamous stairs with a different woman – ended up getting hitched, with their baby boy Freddie in tow. Stuart and Robyn Smith got married in Somerset in the company of fellow Take Me Out couple Gemma Gordon and Gavin Ellis (above - who met on the same episode and got married two years earlier). First Dates Aarron and Ibiba with baby Aziza (Image: Rex Features) Seven weeks after dining in the restaurant Aarron Stewart and Ibiba Mudada found out they had a baby on the way – Aziza was born in April this year. Greig Fairweather and Shaun Smith also fell in love following Greig’s unceremonious dumping on a previous date – he was ditched before the main course arrived. Shaun popped the question earlier this month. Blind Date Cilla Black at Sue and Alexs wedding (Image: Rex) At the height of BD, the show pulled in 18.2 million viewers and contestants Alex and Sue Tatham televised their marriage in 1991 for a Blind Date special. They’ve been married for 25 years and raised two kids. Big Brother Grace and Mikey found love in BB7 (Image: WireImage) Series seven’s Grace Adams Short (voted worst housemate of all time) and Mikey Dalton have been together over 10 years, married in 2009, and have two children. In 2011, Louise Cliffe entered an in-house romance with Jay McKray, which ended in a divorce. She went on to find love with 2008 contestant Stuart Pilkington. Their son, Eli, was born in March. Take Me Out is on Saturday nights, BBC1 Helens latex range is available at amentium.co.uk